HCL Technologies is an IT multinational company that is based in India. It was established with an idea to offer R&D support to HCL Limited but has ever since grown to

be a subsidiary of the company. In the year 1991, when HCL diversified into software solutions, HCL technologies became an independent company and offers services like R&D, BPO, IT Consulting, Remote Infrastructure Management and Enterprise Transformation. The company today offers its services to a number of countries across the globe.

Founding Date: 11th August 1976

Company Name: HCL Technologies Ltd

Industry: IT Services/Consulting

Country: Noida, India

Company Website: www.hcltech.com

The Conception of HCL Technologiesshiv-nadar

In the year 1976, Shiv Nadar along with six of his colleagues started a company named Microcomp Limited with an aim to develop PCs. In order to gain some capital, they initially sold teledigital calculators. Later, they changed the name of their company to HCL which is a short form of Hindustan Computer Limited. They operated as an R&D division for the HCL Enterprise which was involved in developing microcomputers, client server architecture and networking operating systems.

However, in November 1991, they went on to incorporate a company named HCL Overseas with an aim to provide technology development services. It soon began its operations and was widely accepted. It finally changed its name to HCL Technologies in 1999.Hcl corp

HCL Technologies is a subsidiary of the HCL Corporation with HCL Infosystems, HCL Healthcare and HCL TalentCare being the other subsidiaries.

Operations of HCL Technologieshcl-technologies

After the company rebranded itself, it went public with 14.2 million of its shares that are listed on both BSE and NSE.

The company has its headquarters in Noida, India but has its establishments in 34 countries including China, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, USA and UK.

Though it was started as an IT project, over the years it has diversified into other sectors namely aerospace, financial services, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial manufacturing, hospitality, transportation and logistics to name a few. Most of these diversifications occurred to due to the various acquisitions that the company made.

Important Acquisitionshcl-tech-acquires-volvos-external-it-business

With the aim to spread its wings and explore newer horizons, HCL Technologies went on to acquire a number of companies around the world. Some of the companies that were acquired are Capital Stream Inc., Liberata Financial Services, Axon Group Plc, Control Point Solutions Inc., C2SiS, PowerObjects and a part of the IT segment of Volvo.

Social Causes


Apart from contributing to the development of the IT sector, HCL Technologies is also playing an important role in uplifting the underprivileged. With its Project Samudhay, the company has adopted 100 villages and is working to improve their conditions by providing them enough water, good education and spreading awareness.

Awards & Recognition

HCL Technologies won the Aecus Innovation Award for the implementation of operational control center for Unilever. The Wall Street Journal named it as one of the Top 10 Outsourcers. It also made a place for itself in the Bloomberg Businessweek’s list of The World’s Most Influential Companies.