Google in these recent years has become the synonym of Success. Google could be listed first in those very few companies which has changed the way the internet can be explored and used by a common man. This technology giant has been a guru, and taught how to do business to many other companies and startups, in the internet and technology business.

The founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin conceived this company while doing their research project, 17 years ago while they were at Stanford University doing their Ph.D, on Sep 4th 1998 and registered as a private limited company. On August 19 2004, they offered first IPO (Initial Public Offering). They also moved to their present headquarters in Mountain View office, from Menlo Park, California in 2004.

Since then they have grown leaps and bounds by mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. Since 2001, Google acquired many small venture and capital-funded firms


Larry Page and Sergey Brin have envisioned this tech giant to organize the world’s information at one place and make it accessible across the globe, to each and every person on this earth. We should say that they have succeeded in doing so to a greater extent in doing so. Larry and Sergey have developed a search engine that searches the data over the internet comparing all the websites by Page Rank, which was a major controversy that that time. As their system checked back links, while estimating the importance of the site, they have named it “BACK RUB”, but eventually changed it to Google originating from the misspelling of word “Googol”.

The duo has raised the first funding of $100000 in August 1998, form Andy Bechtolsheim, who was also a co-founder of Sun Microsystems. In June 1999 they have raised $25 Million form venture capital firms like Kleiner Perkins Caufield& Byers, and Sequoia Capital.


Google has developed products like Google Analytics which allows website owners to track how people use their website, Google AdWords which allows advertisers and individuals to display their ads in Google content network, which is the major revenue generating wing of Google. Google AdSense, which enables the website owners to display ads on their website and earn money every time ads are viewed or clicked.

Its Google search engine is the major which dominates the search engine market with 65% market share. It has developed productivity tools like Gmail which is largest mailing service providing over 15GB of free storage, Google Code which allows developers to download in-development programs for free.

The list of products are never ending. Google’s enterprise products, API’s, Google translate, Google Fiber, Google News, Google Wave, Google chrome, and Google Wallet and many others play a major role in the success of the organization.

Google has been a leader not just in earning, but it has taken a major step towards eradicating global poverty by starting Google.Org, which is a non-for-profit philanthropic organization.

Google is surely a global winner and defined the way success is professed.