Motivation may become the most effective tool for reaching set goals. It has the strongest effect on different spheres of human life: when a person is motivated, they are capable of more than they have ever thought. They can work harder and pay no attention to the problems and challenges that they face on their way to success. Unfortunately, motivation doesn’t last long. Sometimes, we lose it in a couple of minutes, but in some cases, we can stay motivated for several days in a row.

Being rather unstable, motivation requires building a stamina. Once you find your own way of keeping yourself motivated and never losing focus because of some external factors, you will be able to achieve good results quicker. Of course, the process of building this stamina is long and sometimes it requires so much effort that you want to give up just in a few days. However, if you continue to work on your motivation, you will get the life-changing benefits.

Motivation and education

Motivation and education

Many students believe that motivation has nothing to do with education. They believe that education is a technical process that requires studying hard without any creativity or inspiration. Students have a common goal – to get a degree, and the whole process of education is aimed at that. In fact, education requires more motivation than you might think. The matter is that students need to deal with various classes and subjects and they need to understand why exactly they study these subjects. Even though they may have problems with understanding certain topics, they need to keep in mind what exactly these subjects mean for their career.

When a student finds motivation in education, all the subjects become easier. The desire to study hard appears, and a student becomes willing to spend extra hours in the library trying to find some information rather than go to the cinema with friends. Motivation may become a killer of low grades. Motivated students just cannot allow themselves to get something lower than a B.

How to build motivation in studying

It does not matter whether you write a college application essays or do a research for chemistry classes, you need to stay motivated. We have talked to many students, former students, and teachers, and found 10 easy steps how to stay motivated to study hard. We hope this information will be useful to you!

1. Set your Goals

Set your goals

The ability to set proper goals is priceless. The matter is that a proper goal is the strongest motivator, and for some people, it is enough just to set a goal to stay motivated all the time. So, you need to understand for yourself why exactly you need to study, what the diploma will bring you, where you will be able to use your knowledge, and what benefits it will have for you. Pay attention that ‘to find a good job’ is not a goal at all, while ‘to become a senior analyst in Microsoft’ is a goal that can serve as a good motivator.

2. Become Friends with Motivated People

 Become Friends with Motivated People

The people who surround us have the strongest impact on how we perceive the world. If you regularly communicate with motivated people, you adopt their qualities and become more motivated yourself. It has been noticed that if we communicate with successful people, we become more successful. The same works for motivation.

3. Find an Idol

Sometimes you need a person who will inspire you to get some motivation. Today, the number of people who may inspire you to study is huge. Ten years ago, everyone got inspired by Steve Jobs and it created the new generation of people who want to change the world. Your idol should motivate you to work on your skills and develop your personal qualities.

4. Watch Webinars of Famous Start-uppers

Today, education is not limited to visiting the university and listening to the lectures. To become a well-educated person, you need to develop yourself in different spheres. Even if you are not interested in owning a business, it will still be useful to watch webinars and conferences of young start-uppers. Again, this is a strong motivator. When you look at a 22-years old youngster who owns a huge company due to their hard work and skills, you want to become just like them and start to do everything possible to reach this goal.

5. Do extra-research

Do extra-research

Many students avoid additional tasks as they think that they already spend too much time on studying. However, if you want to find motivation, you should never limit your education to the tasks that are given to you at the university or college. Do extra-research, study additional subjects, and even ask your professors to give you some challenging tasks that will help you reveal your potential.

6. Write down your success

Write down your success

Motivation requires permanent nourishment. If you do not notice the results of your work, you will never stay motivated for a long period of time. We recommend that you write down the smallest successes in order to track what you have already achieved.

7. Reward yourself

A celebration of every success is important to stay motivated. This will encourage you to work harder and never stop on the half way. Reward yourself even for smallest achievements, and your motivation will rise significantly.  

8. Try yourself in different spheres

Try yourself in different spheres

Sometimes, to get motivation in a certain sphere, you need to try yourself in an absolutely different sphere. If you study marketing, give a try to linguistics. First of all, it will be useful for you as you will develop an additional skill set, and secondly, you will understand that marketing is what you love most of all. So, you will return to studying it full of motivation and desire to achieve more.

9. Make one step at a time

It is difficult to find motivation if you have a pile of tasks that you need to complete right here and now. Give yourself some time and take one step at a time. This way, your motivation will rise with every completed task. If you continue to deal with dozens of tasks at a time, the effect will be opposite.

10. Never give up

Never give up

A positive attitude can change everything. Even if you have some problems, never give up. Make the problems disappear, and if you can’t influence them, just keep living your life. Motivation always fades when you are in a bad mood or surrounded by negative thoughts. Introduce positivism into your life and enjoy its benefits!

This list of 10 steps to get the motivation to study can become your cheat sheet for changing your life. It will be useful for students and for people who have problems with motivation and do not know where to find the source of it. Just remember that each of these steps is equally important, and if you want to make motivation your companion, make use of all of them! You can share your thoughts on ways to find motivation in the comment section below.

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