Founding date: September 16, 1908

Company name: General Motors

Industry: Automotive

Country: USA

Company website:

Meet the man who founded General Motors

General Motors is a multinational automotive company which has its headquarters in Detroit. The company was started by William C. Durant during the year 1908. The company spreaded it’s business in different countries to finally achieve the position of being the largest manufacturer in the automobile industry during the year 1931. During the beginning years of the company, they used to assemble the vehicles especially the old ones. Over the years, they have achieved a lot of success to finally produce and export the vehicles to different parts. They manufacture vehicles in these brand names such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Holden, Jie Fang, Vauxhall, GMC and many more. They have also introduced their new brand as a liquidation company. Now, they are in the list of being one of the most popular automobile industry to deliver the best quality.

Operations of General Motors

General Motors Corporation Headquarters

The General Motors Company follows an innovative strategy to carry on its operations. The type of strategy they follow helps to improve the business structures and marketing policies of the company. Over the years, the General Motors Company has got many financial improvements in their business structures. The various types of brands they have, also reached a height due to the framing of the various strategies.

general motors brands

Also, they offer the technologies to the vehicles which are the latest in the market among the other companies. The employees they appoint are also very efficient and always come up with some new ideas. The height the company have reached now, is only because of the efforts of the employees who work in the company and work to invent some new strategies.

General Motors employees in Kansas City,

The companies also organize various cultural events and programs to develop the financial condition of the company.

Important Acquisitions

GM Financial Announces

The General Motors Company has a number of stocks in the market. The company has developed a financial company named as the GM financial company. The acquisitions of the company have created a specific financial arm where they discuss with the customers or the third party to put forward other different financial options. The company also has selected dealers where they provide various financing options and also launches various regional programs where they get a chance to meet the new dealers and merchants throughout the world, to its different parts. They have elected vice president and chair persons of the company who provide different solutions and introduce different opportunities which eventually help to develop the business.

Social Causes

GM Management Workshops

The General Motors Company aims towards building a better future for the society. The company develops the vehicles by including the latest features where they always aim towards achieving the excellence in their business. The particular company has recently organized many environmental programs and community projects where they involve students and many social workers. Workshops regarding different subjects such as mathematics and science where they solve the confusions of the students. Funds are also organized to support the students and to provide them with educational opportunities.

Awards and Recognitions

General Motors as a 2015 Supplier of the Year Award Winner

Recently, the General Motors have received the award for being one of the best working places for the employees in a partnership relation with American Indian Science. It has also been listed as one of NBC’s best corporations in the same year 2016. The company has also started their award giving programs to their employees for their constant dedication and focus.


Special awards for the women employees have also been introduced to honor them for their constant dedication and hard work for the projects of the company.

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