We won’t think about the society and how the things are going but there are some people who always think to change the things for the better life. They do not have any personal motive to think about the people but they feel responsible and by now you might get about whom I am speaking, yes the activists. We hear this in our daily life about the people naming activists Green peace Activists, Human Rights Activists, Animal Rights Activists and on.

A. J. Muste82 YearsMother: Adriana Muste Father: Martin Muste Spouse: Anna HuizengaPolitical ActivistsNot Mentioned
A. Philip Randolph90 YearsMother: Elizabeth Robinson Randolph Father: James William Randolph Spouse: Lucille GreenCivil Rights ActivistsNot Mentioned
Abbie Hoffman52 YearsMother: Florence Schanberg Father: John Hoffman Spouse: Sheila Karklin, Anita S. Kushner Children: Andrew, Alan HoffmanPolitical Activists, Civil Rights Activists, WritersNot Mentioned
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr63 YearsSpouse: Hazel Scott, Yvette Flores Children: Adam Clayton Powell III, Adam Clayton Powell IVPolitical Leaders, Civil Rights ActivistsNot Mentioned
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel85 YearsNot MentionedHuman Rights ActivistsNot Mentioned
Akua Dansua58 YearsNot MentionedPolitical Leaders, Journalists, Children's Rights ActivistsNot Mentioned
Alan Lomax87 YearsMother: Bess Bauman-Brown Lomax Father: John Lomax Spouse: Elizabeth Lyttleton Harold, Antoinette Marchand Children: Anna Lomax WoodHuman Rights Activists, Folk SingersNot Mentioned
Aldo Leopold61 YearsMother: Clara Starker Father: Carl Leopold Spouse: Estella Leopold Children: Luna Leopold, Nina Leopold Bradley, Estella Leopold, A. Carl Leopold, A. Starker LeopoldEnvironmental Activists, Non-Fiction Writers, ScientistsNot Mentioned
Alexander Berkman65 YearsNot MentionedPolitical Activists, Non-Fiction WritersNot Mentioned
Alexander Herzen57 YearsMother: Henriette Wilhelmina Luisa Haag Father: Ivan Yakovlev Spouse: Natalya Zakharina, Natalia TuchkovaPhilosophers, Political Activists, Non-Fiction WritersNot Mentioned
Alice Paul92 YearsMother: Tacie Parry Paul Father: William Mickle PaulWomen's Rights ActivistsNot Mentioned
Alice Walker72 YearsMother: Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant Father: Willie Lee Walker Spouse: Melvyn Leventhal Children: Rebecca WalkerWomen's Rights Activists, WritersNot Mentioned
Alicia Silverstone40 YearsMother: Didi Radford Father: Monty Silverstone Spouse: Christopher Jarecki Children: Bear BluAnimal Rights Activists, Environmental Activists, Actresses$16 Million
Amal Alamuddin38 YearsMother: Bariaa Alamuddin Father: Ramzi Alamuddin Spouse: George ClooneyHuman Rights Activists$2 Million
Ammon Hennacy76 YearsMother: Eliza Eunice Fitz Randolph Father: Benjamin Frankin Hennacy Spouse: Selma Melms, Joan ThomasAmerican pacifist and social activistNot Mentioned
Andrew Goodman20 YearsMother: Carolyn Goodman Father: RobertCivil Rights ActivistsNot Mentioned
Angela Davis72 YearsMother: Sallye Davis Father: Frank Davis Spouse: Hilton BraithwaitePolitical Activists, Civil Rights Activists, WritersNot Mentioned
Angelina Grimke74 YearsFather: John Faucheraud Grimké Mother: Jane Bettrimké Spouse: Theodore Dwight WeldPolitical Activists, Human Rights Activists, Women's Rights ActivistsNot Mentioned
Angelina Jolie41 YearsMother: Marcheline Bertrand Father: Jon Voight Spouse: Jonny Lee Miller (m.1996–1999), Billy Bob Thornton (m.2000–2003), Brad Pitt (2005–Separated in Sept 2016)Animal Rights Activists, Actresses$425 Million
Anita Roddick64 YearsMother: Gilda Father: Henry Spouse: Gordon Roddick (m. 1970–2007) Children: Justine, SamHuman Rights Activists, Business Women, Restaurateurs£51 Million
Anna Hazare79 YearsMother: Laxmi Bai Father: Baburao HazareAnti Corruption Activists$13 Billion
Anna Howard Shaw72 YearsNot MentionedWomen's Rights Activists, Political Activists, PhysiciansNot Mentioned
Anna Jameson65 YearsFather: Denis Brownell Murphy Spouse: Robert Simpson JamesonWomen's Rights Activists, WritersNot Mentioned
Anna Julia Cooper106 YearsMother: Hannah Stanley Haywood Father: George Washington Haywood Spouse: Geoege A. C. CooperWomen's Rights Activists, Civil Rights Activists, Non-Fiction Writers, MiscellaneousNot Mentioned
Annie Besant85 YearsSpouse: Frank Besant Children: Mabel Besant-Scott, Arthur Digby BesantPolitical ActivistsNot Mentioned

Every Activist have their own reason to fight for the change and the way they chose to reach the people may differ like TV, Paper, Social media or any other but they only have a great intention of helping and changing the life of people.