Have you ever wanted to go back to when you were young and carelessly play with yoyos? If you were born after the 1980s, certainly, yoyos have been a major part of many of our childhood.

Yoyos were first invented in the 1920s and have evolved gallons over the time. Let us take a look at the world’s costliest ones.

1. Original Pedro Flores Yoyo

Original Pedro Flores YoyoIf you are a sucker for originality and antiques made in 1929, this is the perfect product for you. Priced at a galling amount of $896.99, this was originally built by Flores who later sold the title to Duncan.Big “F” Flores yoyo ismade of wood and an ink-stamped seal.

2. Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo

Duncan Freehand Mg YoyoDuncan, being one of the oldest brands, has released this gem of a yoyo, the costliest in the world, being priced at $499. Both sides of the yoyo are made of pure magnesium, separately andlatermechanized together to control its lathe.

3. Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo

Duncan Cold Fusion YoyoAt present, in terms of availability, this yoyo is the most expensive one, constructed with aircraft aluminum and having brake pads for control as well, along with ball-bearing precision axle. The most interesting part is that the yoyo world record has been set with exactly this model. Priced at $250, it is good for young aspirants.

4. Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo

Throw Revolution Vertex YoyoLaunched in 2015 by Throw Revolution, this yoyo is especially designed for speed and stability. It is priced at $169.99 and is made of aluminum with a stainless steel rim for balance and good timings. However, it requires a bind as it is a non-responsive yoyo.

5. CLYW Igloo Yoyo by Caribou Lodge

CLYW Igloo Yoyo by Caribou LodgeAn advanced level yoyo at $164.99, developed by Michael Kurti as a signature model, the Igloo yoyo’s classy shape is comfortable to hold and produces incredible speed. A sleek yoyo, with clean lines with stainless steel rings inside the cup.

6. YoyoJamPhenom Alexis JV Special Ed Yoyo

YoyoJamPhenom Alexis JV Special Ed YoyoA limited edition, designed by Hiroyuki Suzuki, this yoyo features a special black with gold rims model. It has a special nickel ring core which helps in maintaining balance at the middle and its sharp cut-out helps in smooth functioning of the string. It is quoted at $142.80.

7. YoyoJam Next Level Yoyo

YoyoJam Next Level YoyoThis yoyo again is made with aircraft aluminum and its bronze rims gives it incredible speed and a steady balance. It is indeed a next level

This yoyo again is made with aircraft aluminum and its bronze rims gives it incredible speed and a steady balance. It is indeed a next level yoyo at $144 and its diamond finished texture reassures why it is a coveted yoyo. It is perfect for increasing your speed and trying out tricks.

8. One Drop Format C Yoyo

One Drop Format C YoyoPriced at $139.99 this yoyo is only meant for pro level competitors trying out very complicated tricks. It requires a bind, firstly. Secondly, as soon as you touch it, the distribution is so wide that only an advanced can handle its flow. Just like its nomenclature, Format:C means deleting and starting from the beginning in computers, this implies it is for beginners who want to start from their roots while C also implies competition.

9. Duncan Magnetude Yoyo

Duncan Magnetude YoyoMade of aluminum with spinning sides of polycarbonate, it is designed by pro Zach Lytle. It has magnetic side caps which make dreams come true through impossible tricks. Even the counterweights are magnetics and therefore has been priced at $129.99.

10. Recess Vacation Yoyo

Recess Vacation YoyoBi-metal, speedy and unresponsive this yoyo has steel rings which improve balance and costs $119.99.

11. Yoyo Factory Ex-Machina

12. One-Drop Cascade Yoyo

13. Yoyo Factory 888x Box Set

14. Zeekio Lunar Wind Yoyo Unresponsive

15. Henrys M1 Yoyo

16. Yoyo Factory Turntable Yoyo

17. Yomega Prodigy Yoyo

18. Yoyo Factory Superstar Yoyo

19. Duncan Freebird Hank Freeman Edition

20. Yomega Glide Yoyo

This is definitely an exhaustive list of the best yoyos that are available to young competitors and even the experienced ones who are looking forward to improve. At present, there a number of world competitions held which allow young adults to showcase their tricks in groove with the background music. In fact, yoyo, like skateboarding, is often considered a cult. Although it’s a dying culture, yoyos aremuch in fashion and many participate in activities regarding yoyos. With such fancy yoyos, one is hopefully expected to win after practice and acquired skills.