Trees have been precious for civilizations of human as the populations expanded and with it began the conception of food, clothes and houses.

As people began conceptualizing the settlement theories, in came the demands of wooden furniture for household products. Gradually wood became symbol of classic luxury.

Sandal Wood

Sandalwood expensive woodThe wood which goes beyond our memory and perception with the perfection it brings to the products manufactured using it is Sandalwood. This is the high-demand wood which carries a natural scent that is pleasing. Sandalwood market price goes up to $20,000 per kilogram and is recognized for wood oil.

African Black Wood

African Black WoodAfrican Black wood trees are found in zones of South Africa which are seasonally dry like the areas of Eritrea to Senegal in the east and Transvaal in the south. Costing about $10,000/ kg, African Black wood is used to manufacture designs of musical instruments and is a rare find.

Agar Wood

expensive Agar WoodAgar wood is the heart of Aquilaria trees which are infected with a specific type of molds. The mold is responsible for turning centre or heart of Aquilaria trees into dark colored fragrant wood which makes Agar wood one of the most expensive wood in the world costing about $10000/kg.

Ebony Wood

expensive Ebony woodEbony is the type of wood that is found in many trees grown in specific areas of Africa and South India as well as Sri Lanka. Ebony has many different types such as the Ceylon Ebony, and Makassar Ebony which vary over prices, the average price of which being $10,000/kg.

Pink Ivory Wood

expensive Pink Ivory woodAnother hardwood from the land of rainbow, Africa, Pink Ivory is a constant on the list of expensive woods in the world. The regions such as Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe boast the trees producing Pink Ivory Woods, which costs around $7-8 per kilogram, and Pink Ivory has medicinal purposes.

Lignum Vitae Wood

expensive Lignum Vitae woodThe wood that gives a very polished and a smooth surface texture for all kinds of instruments as well as devices used outdoors and for home décor is Lignum Vitae. The insect repellant features of the Lignum Vitae wood hikes the cost of the wood to about $5 per pound.

Purple Heart Wood

expensive Purple Heart woodBelonging to the rain forests of Brazil, Guyana and Suriname, Purple Heart wood is another constant contender in the list of the world’s most expensive wood. The purple color change from brown upon cutting down the wood along with water resistant property is responsible for high price of $11.99/ feet.

Dalbergia Wood

expensive Dalbergia woodDalbergia has a wide range of timber trees listed under the common umbrella, all of which are chosen for classic home décor and instruments as well sports utilities. Sonokeling or Indian Rosewood along with Brazilian Rosewood is the most classic type of timber wood that costs around $14-16 per feet.

Bubinga Wood

expensiver Bubinga woodAs lotus rises up from the swamp and is recognized by the world for its beauty, so if the tree Bubinga. Bubinga wood is one of the world’s finest type of wood known for the smooth surface and are thus used to prepare musical instruments and costs about $18.99/ feet.

Bocote Wood

expensive Bocote woodBocote is a plant that bears flowers and fruits which have a nice fragrant about themselves and the pulp of the fruit of Bocote plant is used to make glue. The wood costing about $32.99 per feet is used to make furniture in the household as well as the doors.


Wood has marked the civilization pathway which has led to the development of the population as well as made the lives easier to dwell with the house instruments and devices made up of wood. Wood has become symbol of class and luxury and also defining the choice of classic buyers.