Tee shirts are the most comfortable thing to wear which exudes coolness in a casual attire. Comfortable tees have become a must have of almost every wardrobe. Another reason that attributes to the popularity is that they can be worn on any occasion, unlike earlier times when a tee shirt could only be worn during polo or cricket matches.

A list of the most expensive tee shirts available are as follows:

1. Gucci ($2000)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Gucci

Till date, Gucci is known to be one of the most expensive brands in the world. Brought into function by Guccio Gucci in 1921, it is also one of the world’s top selling brands. The tees launched under this top notch brand are luxurious, trendy and super stylish as well as being durable for an amazing length of time.

2. Chanel ($1500)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Chanel

Chanel has been attracting people with expensive tastes since time immemorial. It was introduced by its owner Pierre Wertheimer and Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel in 1909, this brand is known to provide tee shirts costing upwards of more than a thousand dollars. The clothing line also provides a number of clothing options to choose from.

3. Dolce and Gabbana ($1000)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana is considered as the most illustrious and sought after brand introduced by Stefano Gabbana in 1985. This super expensive brand has cauals starting from $500. The large amount of money charged is because they use materials of the finest quality including top notch printing machinery along with the texture of the fabric used.

4. Prada ($900)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Prada

Prada is known all over the world for being one of the forerunners of providing quality, casual clothing. The tee shirts that Prada provides come in a variety of colours and prints which suits the moods of almost everyone. They have massive sales all over the world and its high annual revenue is nearly of $3 billion.

5. Armani ($800)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Armani

With estimated yearly revenue of as much as $2.5 billion, stylish Armani clothes are not difficult for them to manufacture. They have gotten used to making products that are nothing less than perfect. Armani is the only brand that also provides luxurious fashion accessories like handbags and perfumes and has spread its web all over the world.

6. Versace ($800)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Versace

This brand was put into existence in 1978 by Gianni Versace and since then has almost become synonymous with luxury and style. Versace provides trendy casual wear absolutely loved by the elite. The appealing designs and the comfortable level of clothes provided by this brand is worth all the extra dollars spent.

7. Dior ($750)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Dior

Dior is a French luxury goods brand who has been quietly churning out comfortable tee shirts since a very long time. It was founded in 1946 by the eponymous designer Christian Dior, today the company designs and retails everything from jewellery to footwear to casual clothing to wedding gowns.

8. Valentino ($700)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Valentino

Valentino is a clothing company founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani. It is a part of the Valentino Fashion Group.  It stands 8th on the list of the most expensive tee shirts in the world. This brand is a upmarket favourite, those with an ardour for high street fashion and brand names. Valentino makes quality tee shirts albeit with a couple of extra bucks.

9. Guess ($700)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Guess

Guess is an American apparel brand that retails worldwide. In addition to providing clothing for both men and women, Guess markets other fashion accessories such as luxury watches, jewellery, perfumes and shoes. Guess is extremely popular with the casual wearing crowd. The annual revenue of this brand crosses $1.5 billion which is extremely impressive.

10. Fendi ($650)

Most expensive tee-shirt brand Fendi

Launched in 1985, Fendi is known to be one of the most famous clothing brands in the world. It has a range of best selling tee shirts that fly off the store shelves like hot cakes. The popularity of these tee shirts are no joke with Fendi having established a customer base all over the world. Fendi uses cutting edge technology to produce their tee shirts.

11. Louis Vuitton ($640)

12. Hermes International ($600)

13. Burberry($550)

14. Marc Jacobs($540)

15. Balmain ($530)

16. Givenchy ($520)

17. True Religion ($500)

18. Diesel ($480)

19. Devon and Jones ($450)

20. Holloway ($430)

Tee shirts have long been a wardrobe must have for every teenager and adult in the world alike because they are so versatile and easy to wear. They are also extremely easy to style with different outfits and go with almost every occasion. Even formal settings have nowadays relaxed their dress codes to incorporate the proverbial tee shirt into the repertoire.

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