Some may think why one would want to purchase guns with a million dollars? However, you may be shocked to find out how coveted some of these shotguns are. They are precious to many people and are often treated as a matter of a prized possession or an antique. Here is a list of the most expensive guns in the world!

1. Fabbri Over and Under

Fabbri Over and Under short gunIt takes four to five years to deliver! Priced at 138,000 pounds for stainless ones and 150,000 pounds for a titanium barrel one, these guns are religiously manufactured by the Italian company Fabbri and have stainless steel and diamond coated body to such an extent that it is trained to resist wear over a long period of time.

2. Peter Hofer Sidelock

Peter Hofer Sidelock short gunMade by someone who makes the most sophisticated guns, this one has a 12 bore side lock which veils a 17 tube between two smooth barrels so conveniently that it looks almost flawless. These mega guns are priced at $705,000 and required sixteen hundred man hours to manufacture.

3. Boss Over and Under

Boss Over and Under short gunPatented by Boss in 1909,this is one of the most modern version guns. This comes with two locking systems. Projected draws on each side meet with corresponding female radii in the middle of bifurcated barrel lumps. He has inspired many to imitate and take up gun making.His signature style is a turret system. It ranges from 81,540 pounds to 105,540 pounds.

4. Purdey Over and Under (Pair)

Purdey Over and Under (Pair)The most significant of J.Purdey & Sons’ guns, this one is especially known for the inlaid gold and the amount of effort years that go into making them. It takes a couple of years to be delivered but one has to be patient to hold that gold in their hands. It is quoted at $195,000.

5. Holland and Holland Royal Over and Under

Holland and Holland Royal Over and Under short gunFirst made in 1992,this gun is a back-action sidelock with a significantlyshallow andreinforced slim body. There are no additional central bites. The gun comes with double triggers or a non-selective, inertia-operated single trigger. It takes more than 900 hours to make and costs 98,400 pounds. It is an excellent upgrade from the first guns of 1950.

6. Greener Sidelock

Greener Sidelock shortgunCosting not less than 120,000 pounds, this gun comes in two models. The Facile Princeps with classic Greener top extension is the finest exhibition boxlockthe central locking system allowing a front rounding. It also has arcaded Greener fences, a Greener for-end and a horn fore-end tip and heel plate.

7. Purdey Side-by-Side

Purdey Side-by-Side short gunWhat makes the Purdey side by side iconic is the form of the sidelock and its mechanism while being used. They use one leg of a V-spring to give a start to the internal hammers and the other leg to start the self-opening piece, which amicably increase shooting speed by a considerable amount. This gun costs a 94,080 pounds.

8. William & Son’s Sidelock

William & Son’s Sidelock short gunIf you want a mixture of the best guns in the world, here is your savior. This gun has over and unders as a modified Boss system and the side by sides are in the Holland style. 12 and 20 bore only characterize the over and unders. It costs 60,000 pounds.

9. Holland and Holland Side by Side Self Opener

Holland and Holland Side by Side Self Opener short gunTaking two years to be delivered, this one is priced at 90,000 pounds with a rather orthodox lock plates system and a better-quality ejector mechanism based on the Southgate system. An aided opening mechanism was new in 1922 encompassing a tube and spring beneath the barrels. A favorite in the gun trade, this is easy to maintain and shoots the smoothest.

10. Westley Richards 4-Bore Droplock Side by Side Double

Westley Richards 4-Bore Droplock Side by Side Double

Called the droplock because the locks can be removed by dropping the hinged bottom plate; this British gun stands up true to its name with seven lock ingredients and fantastic embellishments. It costs 46,200 pounds.

11. Ivo Fabbri 12 GA

12. Connecticut Shotgun A10 American

13. Benelli Super Black Eagle II

14. Beretta DT 11

15. Beretta A400 Xplor

16. Itaca Gun Company Model 37

17. Perazzi MX8

18. Blaser F3

19. Remington 870

20. Browning BPS

This list does constitute an absolutely all-encompassing attributed list of guns which are heavily priced but at the same time are exceptionally efficient when being used. They are exquisite while at the same time having basic qualities.

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