You meet a stranger and would like to decide upon their personality before letting them in your friends’ circle. Shoes can make this decision easier, according to University of Kansas and Wellesley College. Formal, expensive shoes have been directly related to the people with higher income.

1. House of Testoni Shoes

House of Testoni ShoesThe constant top ranked legend of men’s designer shoes are the House of Testoni shoes. House of Testony shoes have been constantly associated with class and high status of men in society. This luxury fashion statement costs around $35000-$38000. House of Testony shoes are feather light-weight shoes with diamond-buckled finishing.

2. Nike So Cal Air Force 1

Nike So Cal Air Force 1Costing $50000 Nike So Cal Air Force 1 is recognized as the most expensive sports shoe in the world. Nike is the most opted sports shoes and brand promises comfort as well as class. Nike So Cal Air Force 1 attributes partly to Nike logo made up of 11-carat gems.

3. Air Jordan Silver Shoes

Air Jordan Silver ShoesSilver has always been the color associated with luxury and high-class and so is Air Jordan Silver shoes. The store being available on online e-commerce websites as well as offline retail shops, Air Jordan Silver shoes costing $60,000 is a show stopper for sports as well as for party events.

4. Tanino Crisci`s Lilian Shoes

Tanino Crisci`s Lilian ShoesWhen walking on the storyline of luxurious shoes for men, Tanino Crisci’s Lilian shoes can never be missed. Costing around $1250, this luxurious loafer is remarkable with an elegant design and is a statement of classic designs that merges with modern styles to bring out the best of formal attire.

5. John Lobb 2005 Shoes

John Lobb 2005 ShoesWhat is in ebony color and speaks for the cool gentleman appearance? John Lobb 2005 shoes, of course. A loafer with such a offbeat color combination speaks for class as well as design and has thus jumped to the zones of the most expensive men’s footgear costing to about $1280.

6. New & Lingwood the Russian Calf Shoes

New & Lingwood the Russian Calf ShoesThe Russian star in the glittering world of men’s shoes, New and Lingwood the Russian Calf Shoes costs about $1550. New and Lingwood is the brand that believes in converting Russian tradition to the classic formal attire which fits in every businessman’s wardrobe to grace him with a formal outlook.

7. Berluti Rapieces Reprises

Berluti Rapieces ReprisesIf you consider yourself to be unique and belong to the high end class of the society, Berluti Rapieces Reprises shoes are made just for you. Berluti Rapieces Reprises, costing around $1900, is known for the quality of its products that are designed and manufactured in limited numbers for buyers.

8. Stefano Bemer Shoes

Stefano Bemer ShoesWorth of $2000, Stefano Bemer is known as the most famous and most expensive brand of shoes in the men’s shoes world. Stefano Bemer shoes are amazing work of art with respect to their manufacture time of 3 months for designing and launching a single product out in the market.

9. Aubercy Diamond Studded Shoes

Aubercy Diamond Studded ShoesSpeaking of expense, class and luxury, shoe designed by brand like Aubercy and is studded with diamonds, has to be on top of the most expensive men’s shoes in the world with costs starting from $4,700. These shoes can also be your salsa dance partners apart from business ballroom meetings.

10. Louis Vuitton Shoes

11. Testony Norvegese

12. Tom Ford Diamonds

13. Salvatore Ferragamo Python Loafer

14. Barker Black Ostrich Cap Toe

15. Swarovski x Fila FX 2

16. Bostonian Shoes

17. Johnston and Murphy shoes

18. Edward Green

19. Martin Dingman

20. Barker Black Ostrich Cap Toe


Fashion has a network of class and luxury, be it for men and be it for women. As the recent studies have proved the fact that shoes depict a man’s character and personality, making a statement in the commercial world begins with the classic and most expensive shoes for men.

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