Shirts play an important role in the lives of the people especially who are working in corporate world. They help to shape your personality in the office and also to the authorities. Also, wearing a shirt which is branded protects your skin from any allergies which cheaper brands often cause.

1. Gucci

Expensive popular shirt brands Gucci

Gucci manufactures the best quality shirts in the world and holds the first position in the whole world. The material used by this company during the time of manufacturing is very good and comfortable for the body. The approximate cost of the Gucci shirts are about $510 throughout the world.

2. Armani

Expensive popular shirt brands Armani

Armani shirts are famous in different parts of the world due to their excellent fittings and the shapes. The company also launches the famous seasons’ collections of which the Spring Summer collection was the most popular one. The average cost of the shirts are about US$ 530,00 over the world.

3. Ralph Lauren

Expensive popular shirt brands Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren manufactures the best polo t-shirts and shirts worldwide. They provide the popular polo shirts in the cotton material which makes you feel comfortable and also adds much to your personality. The price of the shirts by Ralph Lauren is around an average cost of $69.99 among different parts.

4. Lacoste

Expensive popular shirt brands Lacoste

The t-shirts and shirts provided by Lacoste come in different varieties. Lacoste is very popular for their best fittings and shapes and styles. They use the best possible material while manufacturing the quality cotton shirts with striped sleeves and also provides discount on an approximate price range of about $145.00.

5. Nike

Expensive popular shirt brands Nike

Nike is the most talked about brand in the world. They manufacture shirts of all types like tees, tanks tops, polo t-shirts. All of them are designed exclusively with the best materials on various online shopping stores and also in some retail stores in a price range of about $75.

6. Calvin Klein

Expensive popular shirt brands Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein supplies the best buttoned shirts in different parts of the world. They provide a wide variety of shirts with different formal designs and styles which are appropriate for both casual and occasional looks. They maintain an average price range of $69.50 over different online sites and retail stores.

7. Express

Expensive popular shirt brands Express

EXPRESS manufactures shirts for both men as well as women. They mainly provide simple buttoned shirts which are perfect if you want very corporate or professional look. The colors and fittings of the shirts are very good which gives it a very casual look and are sold for about $69.90.

8. Louis Vuitton

Expensive popular shirt brands Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton provides the best readymade men clothings, especially shirts. They also launches various special collections depending on the different seasons which they offer at a discount rate. The original price of a Louis Vuitton shirt is about $500 which is quite high but the quality provided is worth it.

9. Hugo Boss

Expensive popular shirt brands Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss’ shirts can be termed as a perfect shirt brand among all. They show their excellence in all the ways for manufacturing a shirt like fitting, material, style and colour which can be paired in casual as well as festive occasions and costs above £50 in different worldwide areas.

10. Abercrombie & Fitch

Expensive popular shirt brands Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch manufactures the most fashionable shirts for men among all the other companies. They also provide variety in shirts like sweatshirts,  striped shirts and much more. They also provide shirts to online and retail stores at an average price of $26.95 through the different parts of the world.

11. Tommy Hilfiger

12. G Star

13. Burberry

14. Diesel

15. Dolce & Gabbana

16. Zara

17. Hollister

18. Puma

19. American Eagle

20. H&M

Though this is not the end of the list but when asked, we can list these above brands which provide the best branded shirts in the world. These shirts may cost more for their manufacturing of excellent cloth material than other brands but the quality provided is all worth it.


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