Horse is a symbol of royalty, according to legends. Kings and Kinsmen rode on horses as they patrolled through the empire, went far away to conquer and expand their territory, or even when they went for search of their princess. Horse race has been a source of recreation for elites.

1. Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse Expensive Horse BreedIn the Arabian night stories, when prince and princess rode off to faraway lands on their beautiful horses that captivated the readers mind, we all had one wish of riding those magnanimous beauty- Arabian Horse. Being on the top of list of most expensive horses in the world, Arabian horse is bred in the Arabian Peninsula and costs about $100,000.

2. Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred expensive HorseThe racing horse bred in England, which is known for its agility and speed, Thoroughbred is worth $89,259. The valuation of a horse depends on their performance on the race course track. As the valuation of Thoroughbred would suggest, this breed of horse is known for its strength and stamina.

3. Morgan

Morgan Horse breedThe chestnut brown colored beautiful breed of horse which we heard about in stories from American civil war, Morgan costs the race course participants a fortune to buy and another fortune to maintain. Present valuation of Morgan is about $55,000 making it the 3rd most expensive horse in the world.

4. Friesian

Friesian horseThe horse from the picturesque of Friesland, Netherland pays tribute to his place of origin by its name, Friesian. A constant participant of Medieval Dramas, Friesian, is the black beauty with thick hair. The kings’ favorite, Friesian has always been one of the most appreciated and most valued horses costing about $25000.

5. Paint horse

american Paint horseTobiana, Sabino, Tovero are few types of Paint Horse which are named based on the pattern of blotted skin of these horses. Worth of $23,500, Paint horses are not just famous for their appearance but also known for their commendable and enthusiastic fearlessness making them appropriate for taming away bulls.

6. American Quarter Horse

American Quarter HorseAmerican Quarter Horse with about 63 inch body height and with an excellent speed of 88.5 kilometers per four. Costing about $14,500, this horse can be found speeding through race course tracks as well as beautiful tourist spots where the tourists enjoy horse-back ride as a memory to carry along.

7. Mustang

Mustang expensive HorseMost popularly known as wild horses, Mustang is bred and owes its natural habitat to Spain. Mustang has earned the title of wild horses because of its nature that makes it very hard to tame and domesticate. Worth of $10250, Mustang is facing an unfortunate threat of extinction from world.

8. Appaloosa

Appaloosa Horse expensiveWeighing about 550 kilogram, Appaloosa are one their kind with their spotted skin appearance and are the show stopper for many events and movies. It is one of the most sought for horse in the US continent and has been even made its way in the Hollywood, raising its cost to $3000.

9. Clydesdale Horse

Clydesdale HorseThe horse from country side of Scotland, Clydesdale Horse, is worth of $2500 and is meant for a wide range of purposes which can utilize their strength and perseverance. The farming lands of Clydesdale, Scotland, and of Australia, is where you can find the 64-70 inch high Clydesdale horse.

10. Shetland Pony

Shetland Pony horseBefore you enter the arena of race course as rider, you must obtain basic training and practice of horse riding. Right from the beginning, you are not expected to ride horses known for their magnificence. Shetland Pony, worth $2000, is meant for training teenagers for entering world of horse riding.

11. Standard Bred
12. Dutch Warmblood
13. Andalusian
14. Gypsy Vanner

From mountains to farmlands, from legends to race course, Horses have always been a symbol of luxury and adventure along with indispensable wing of tourist’s spots especially in the mountains. The expense of horses rises in 2 scenario- when the horse is race worthy or when it faces extinction threat.