Earth is adorned with beautiful terrestrial and marine fauna. Fishes have also been marked as the most expensive pets in the world. With two third of the world covered by sea, fishes have naturally made their way on to food recipes. Following are world’s the most expensive fish in world.

1. Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana

Even when one shouldn’t consider on adopting them as a pet, Platinum Arowana is world’s most precious and remarkably important tropical fish. Costing about $400000, Platinum Arowana is of interest for both biodiversity researchers and environment balance regulators. To keep track of the population, a microchip has been inserted in it.

2. Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

Freshwater Polka Dot StingrayFor the admirers of beautiful fish, freshwater polka dot stingray has been the jewel of the sea. This beautiful black fish adorned with white polka dots making amazing pattern on the surface of the fish is known as the most expensive tropical fish for the aquarium. This fish costs around $100000.

3. Peppermint Angelfish

Peppermint AngelfishThe exotic fish found deep under the sea and deep under the ocean is the Peppermint Angelfish. The collector’s and fish admirer’s delight, Peppermint Angelfish is tagged with a cost of around $30000. The fish is a rare find for the divers or even for the fish collectors around the world.

4. Masked Angelfish

Masked AngelfishGenicanthus personatus, also known as Masked Angelfish, is a lovely Hawaiian fish and is mostly of the marine water origin. The Masked Angelfish is found at the depth of 23-174 metres below the sea level, which makes it extremely rare to find and thus increases its value in terms of $20,000.

5. Bladefin Basslet

Bladefin BassletA tiny fish about three fourth size of  your little finger makes its way to the list of world’s most expensive fish. This tiny Caribbean fish, Bladefin Basslet, finds its habitat deep underwater in the sea which makes it precious and rare find of its kind. This fish is worth $10,000.

6. Golden Basslet

Golden BassletOur precious ornaments are made up and adorned with gold. Nature has similar laws and policies and paints its most precious fauna in gold like Golden Basslet. This fish, Golden Basslet is worth $8000 because of the very fact that its unbelievably difficult to get hold of even for experienced divers.

7. Neptune Grouper

Neptune GrouperNature has miraculous brush of art that paints every flora and fauna with colors and shades of colors that denies to let go of the viewers attention. Neptune Grouper, a deepwater marine fish, is beautifully adorned with Neptune like shades and has stripes of orange and yellow and costs about $6000.

8. Nami Green Arowana

Nami Green ArowanaA rare and endangered species of fish found near the Nami Dam of Kedah, Malaysia is Nami Green Arowana. With constant bodily growth which leads to its increase in size, the batik designs gradually attain prominence and thus become easy prey to anglers. The fish has a market valuation of $5000.

9. Australian Flathead Perch

Australian Flathead PerchExtremely rare dimension in the community of fishes is presented by this rare marine fish called Australian Flathead Perch. The Australian Flathead Perch is everything it’s name suggests – it flathead in shape and its found around Australia and moreover the wonderful shape and design of the fish makes it worth $5000.

10. Wrought Iron Butterfly

Wrought Iron ButterflyWorth of $2,700, Wrought Iron Butterfly, of Japanese origin, is not exactly what its name suggests. It is a deepwater marine fish instead of a butterfly. The nomenclature is based on the fact that the wide span of fins of this fish present the fish as the butterfly of the ocean.

11. Clarion Angelfish

Clarion Angelfish

12. Golden Crossback Arrowana

Golden Crossback Arrowana

13. Candy Basslet

Candy Basslet

The beautiful world under the sea has a diversity of flora and fauna. The fishes have been at continuous threat due to expanding dependence for livelihood of people residing near the sea. The marine fish collectors and ecosystem preservers add security to these by tagging a market valuation to it.