Even if We Hate Him, Donald Trump can Teach us Something about Self-Esteem.

Donald Trump is for sure an example of a man with a great self-esteem. He even said it himself. According to Trump, if we don’t believe in ourselves, no one else will. We have to admit—he has a point.

How tired we must be of always thinking that we are not good enough. Sometimes not even communicating with people because we think our opinion is not worth? Tired of thinking everyone is smarter than us.

If this is the case, we need to stop feeling tired. We need to find the ‘’Donald Trump” within us.

This is what Trump can teach us about self-esteem:

1. Trump and his Unbreakable Self-esteem

Most of us may not approve he becoming the president. But, we can’t stay blind for the fact that Trump is maybe one of the most confident men we have ever met. His self-esteem is even breathtaking. Just remember how he got in the Guinness book of records.

He almost went into bankruptcy before he made the biggest financial turnover in history. And of course, now, he is worth billions. He deserves some respect after all. Because no matter what we think about him as a politician or a businessman, we have to admit that only a person with a self-esteem such as his can pull a thing like that.

He says one should never give in the negative circumstances and never lose the trust in himself. It has proven to be essential to achieve a high self-esteem.

Letting low self-esteem take on our life can be awful. It can demolish all our aspirations and ambitions. In the long term.

When in a desperate situation and when confronted with a challenge, we need to fight back. And not just fight back but be brutal.

“I have to tell you about losers. I love losers because they make me feel so good about myself.”~ Donald Trump

“My whole life is about winning. I don’t lose often. I almost never lose.”~ Donald Trump

2. Foundation is the Starttrump-passion-and-nature

First, let’s explain the term “build our confidence”. It means that we need to surround ourselves with concrete evidence of our achievements. It is the fundamental and reinforcing part of our trust. Just like skeletons and construction in buildings.

We have heard and read some other pieces of advice such as start dressing up smart, learn how to walk, talk, etc. In addition to this are Trump’s words that one must dress his best. He believes that looking good is a must when it comes to confidence. Which leads to high self-esteem and strong performances. And he has a point.

But this is the cherry on the cake. The decoration of the final product. We need to get first in being confident in ourselves and later start dressing as we feel.

Even Trump says that one can’t start at the top. We need to start with the foundation.

And this foundation is having faith in yourself. And we have to do whatever it takes to achieve it. After all, it’s the core of self-esteem.

3. Find your Passiontrupm-passion

And again, wise words of Donald Trump. He makes it clear that without passion, without something to drive us, we have no energy. And without energy, we don’t have anything.

“Without passion, you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” ~ Donald Trump

Passion fuels energy. Energy is making results. Results build up confidence. And this belief leads to self-esteem. It’s a circle. And we need to get it rolling, by finding our passion.

Another great statement of Donald Trump is that learning from our mistakes is good and healthy. But learning from our successes is much, much better.

To find our passion, we need to ask ourselves these two questions:

1. What do we do Most? What do we do First among Many other Things?

We have to remember that passion leads to energy. When we discover what we always find time and energy to do, we have found our passion.

2. Why are we relying on the voices in your head?

It happens to anyone. Daydreaming about being the next best thing in the world. And suddenly a voice tells us—it’s impossible.

And why can’t we?

We have the same natural abilities and skills. But, we don’t have the self-esteem for it. And it’s a shame and loss.

4. Build our Self-esteem like a Skyscraperdonald-trump-self-estreem

We need to start believing that we are as good as anyone we think is the best. Speak up and have something to say that people want to hear.

We all are as smart as we want to be. Let’s find out our passion. Get energized by it and who knows, we may be the next Donald Trump or even better.

A slow starter is a fast finisher, says Donald.

We don’t have to follow Donald Trump’s statements and think that miracles can happen. But we need to start somewhere. Good luck!

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