Amazing Poetry of the Day which touch your feel

Shining on me with his bright eyes,

Has sparkled like the stars in the skies.

Linger his voice through my ears.

For God’s sake, I hope it disappears.

The trail of his steps was in my heart.

Soft whispers journeyed around my blood

Knocked on the door of my broken heart.

But keys were stolen from that lonesome November.

I just had to know you after the party,

But now it seems you wanted to take me.

Beguiled me your voice, I’m intoxicatedly uplifted.

Take me to the haven of your arms and rested.

Tell this soul that the past he must forget,

The skies were already ashen; my tears are solemn.

Written his heady name in my nude chest,

Ineffaceable memories, truly I can’t anymore bear.

The splendor past with him in my bed is now over.

I must’ve move on from that lonesome November.

Sudden change in my life is ready to unfold.

Now I found my broken heart, unbroken.

Pearly lustrous, full-orbed moon is smiling.

Hopes in my heart were silently enkindled.

B’coz of the newly discovered love, in your laughter.

Every second I read your name in forever.

– BrokenMontague

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