Have you ever wondered why mornings are so special and important? How you wake up every single day accumulates in your life’s profile and has a huge effect on your success.

Whether your day would be productive or not is determined by how and what you spend your morning doing. The morning is the best time to giveour day its definition. Why? Because there are less disturbances in the morning than it is in the noon and later in the day.

If you want to shape your morning and make your day super productive, here are 12 effective things you must do:


Avoid Hitting the Snooze Button


Whenever you are on bed and that alarm suddenly jingles, the first thing that comes to your mind is to hit the snooze button. The truth is that when you hit the snooze button once, twice or thrice before getting up you get sluggish and begin to feel weakness all around you which would automatically make your day less productive.

Get into the habit of waking up just the first time the alarm jingles, you would be happier and motivated to rock the day and become more productive.

Get up as Early as Possible

It is one thing to avoid hitting the snooze button, and it’s another thing to get up early. Ops you say how?

Okay. What happens if you don’t have an alarm or you decided not to set your alarm for reasons known to you? That’s why you need to train yourself to the habit of getting up early.

I’m sure this famous quote by Ben Franklin isn’t new to you ~ “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” There is no other better way of starting your day than rising early. Waking up early gives you a settled mind and self, it safes you from the rush and makes your day super productive.

Look at your Biggest Dreams

You need to constantly remind your spirit, soul and body of what you want to achieve. That’s why it is recommended that you write boldly your biggest dreams and put it in a corner such that it becomes the first thing you see every morning. It could be on the wall of your room, the top of your bed or anywhere close that your eyes would get glued to it the very moment you wake.

Viewing your biggest goals every morning doesn’t only inspire you to get up from bed, viewing the same goal every morning for a long period of time makes you tired of seeing the same thing so you get motivated to achieve that goal and write something new.

Get a Glass of Water


Research proves that one of the dangers of not drinking enough water is sluggishness and headache! It’s important to get a glass of water every morning before doing anything else. You woke up in the morning after several hour of dehydration, you need to get rehydrated. It will set your metabolism in its right state and help your brain to work better.

Update Yourself

A lot has happened while you were asleep so you need to stay updated for the day. Whether it’s sitting in the garden and reading the papers, or checking the news you’ve missed on the blogs, viewing your social feeds and lots more. So that by the time you settle down for the day’s work, you would have had a better idea of what is going on in the world.

Also this is the time you check you mails to see if there is any message which requires you instant response.

Recharge Yourself


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People often says that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why  we recommend it daily.” ~ Zig Ziglar.

Recharging yourself means reactivating your motivation for the day by reading motivational blogs, listening to inspirational tracks, reading exciting stories and engaging in all sort of motivational practices. It keeps you transformed and leaves you with the energy to make and maintain the day’s productivity.

Awaken the Muscles

Exercise is very important in you, it awakens your muscles, shapes the body, keeps you healthy, and gives you a feeling of happiness. Whether it’s having a walk-out around the compound, doing push-ups’, going for a run, or you decide to visit the gym. It makes you physically active which is what is most essential to set your day rolling.

Check your to-do list {Read or write it}


You would never get the best out of your day if you don’t plan how your activities should go. Whether they are minor or major, you should have things you want to achieve today.

Every morning before you launch out, you should write out your day’s to-do, or probably if you are the type that writes the next day’s to-do the night before, you should read it out. It helps you get those minor and major works of the day glued to your mind and you would act towards achieving them.

Be a Strong Optimist

After you have checked your to-do list, the next thing for you to do is to build your sense of optimism.

Early in the morning, having a positive outlook keeps you motivated. It helps you to see positivity all around you. You see your goals as achievable, you become confident in yourself ability, you see your to-do list as an already completed activity.

Building a positive mindset in the morning would definitely make a enormous difference in your day’s productivity.

Decide your “V.I.T.” Very Important Tasks


Now that you’ve written and carefully read out your goals, you should decide your V.I.T. Your V.I.T includes tasks that are of a long term benefit, tasks that you must tackle first, task that the day must run by without you achieving them.

Plan and Form New Work Strategies

After you have checked your to-do list, you now know what and what needs to be done today, and you’ve decided your V.I.T, you know what needs to be done first, the next thing is to plan a new strategy to achieve your day’s goal. Plan how you want the work to go.

Chop up the Bigger Works


It is a good thing to say that you will start with simpler works. But what happens when you begin your day with those simple stuffs in the morning when there are less distractions, you achieve them as hoped for then you get stuck with the big gigs later in the day, when the distractions are more?

Your determination comes more in the morning, and that’s why it is recommended to take advantage of it and do the bigger works first in the morning; when there are lesser distractions. When you achieve them, going after the smaller works would be fun for you later in the day.

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