It is the duty of a leader to make efficient business decisions. It also comes off as being one of the best skills that you have to have as a manager, if not most important. But it can be stressful to make the right decisions for your business. Then again, if you were to manage a company that is on top of the world with a spotless reputation, you would be pulling out all the stops.

You’d have to make an incredible sacrifice to make sure nothing smudges the good name of your company. The pressure of having to manage that kind of quality is high and there is plenty of hard work at stake. To lessen the tension and reap the fruits of your hard labor, follow these steps.

Look Back At The Problem


Problems don’t just go away when you put them aside. You have to look into it by stepping back and get the full picture of it. Get as many perspectives of the issue as possible. It will make sure that you are looking in all directions instead of just one. Try to look at the problem from at least three different views.

Do Not Opt For Perfection

Do Not Opt For Perfection

As the leader of a brilliant company, you have to grab the opportunity for a potential plan as soon as possible. This means that you do not have to wait for your employees to turn in their projects on the precise date of delivery. They can submit it as early as possible, even if it is only 80 percent complete.

Instead of trying to go for the impossible, which is perfection, why not go for something that is the next best thing? If there is even a shred of great potential in a project, you should jump to it as fast as you can.

Gut Instincts


Sometimes you have to go with what you feel is right. There is no way of knowing which way the ball will roll, but it is better than just waiting around when things are not looking so hot. Even if you had more refined analytics with you, it can pay to go with your guts from time to time.

Good judgment, however, comes after years of practice and exposure. So be sure you have the emotional filter laid out well for this.

Perform A Situation Analysis


Think the situation at hand. What is your motivation for making a decision? What is going to happen if there is no decision in the end? Determine who the decision will impact (both directly and indirectly). Find out what data, analytics or other supporting evidence you have to drive your decisions.

Subject Decision To Public Scrutiny

Subject Decision To Public Scrutiny

There is nothing like private decisions in life. Later, you will have all the evidence that surrounds your decisions. If your decisions were to come out in front of a newspaper, how would you feel? Think about how your family will think of your decision. Would your shareholders and employees approve of your decisions?

Every possible outcome of your decision is absolutely crucial. Vision all of the short and long-term goals that are going into your decisions.

Be Patient

Be Patient

Don’t try to jump the gun the very moment your think that an idea is good. Do not try to cram everything at once and once things start to get hectic, break away from what you are doing. Take about 10 minutes off to do just nothing. You have to let go of the stress that is building within you.

Listen to the radio or do some exercises. It will enable you to think fresh later on. What’s more is that you will be able to make smarter decisions than before.

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