David Benioff, the name does not need any special counsel to remember. David Benioff is an Emmy Award winning novelist of America. He is also well-known for his excellence work as

screenwriter, television producer as well as director. Time and again, he has been awarded for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is the joint creative endeavor of David Benioff and his creative partner D.B. Weiss.

NameDavid Benioff
Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1970
ParentsBarbara Benioff,Stephen Friedman
EducationUniversity of California, Irvine
SpouseAmanda Peet
ChildernHenry Peet Friedman, Frances Pen Benioff, Molly June Benioff
Net worth$18 Million


David was born on 25th of September in 1970. He took birth at Jewish family. He was son of Stephen Friedman and Barbara Benioff. Stephen Friedman was working as chief of Goldman Sachs. He was brought up in Manhattan. The first part of his childhood was spent in Peter Cooper Village and then rest of his childhood, he spent on 86th Street. In the age of 16, he moved near U.N. headquarters in Manhattan. He was brought up with his two siblings.

Early Lifedavid-benioff-as-radio-dj-in-moose

David used to write his name as David Benioff instead of David Friedman. He took the maiden name of his mother “Benioff” to evade misunderstanding with writers who named as David Friedman. He completed schooling from Collegiate School. He passed out as graduate from Dartmouth College.

When he was at Dartmouth College, he was an active part of Phi Delta Alpha Fraternity and he was also member of Sphinx Senior Society.

David had pursued for one year program of Irish Literature from Trinity College Dublin, 1995. During this period, he got connected with D.B. Weiss. He had prepared his thesis on Samuel Beckett, but left the course in middle and chose to work as radio DJ in Moose, Wyoming. Soon, he completed his Master of Fine Arts in creative writing in 1999 from University of California.


He was working as club bouncer for sometime in San Francisco after his college. He served Poly Prep high school in Brooklyn as English teacher for 2 years. David Benioff was also served as wrestling coach for the school.25-hour-book
David took 2 years to publish his first novel The 25th Hour (It was David’s thesis paper for Master’s degree course in Irvine). Actual name of the book was Fireman Down. Soon he got offer from Tobey Maquire converting his thesis into screenplay as Tobey wanted to make a film with the story. The book was filmed with title 25th Hour. The film was directed by Spike Lee and acted by Edward Norton. David wrote many short stories, When the Nines Roll Over and more in 2004.

For excellence drafting of mythological epic Troy into screenplay David Benioff was paid $2.5 million by Warner Bros Pictures in 2004. He scripted Stay, a psychological thriller in 2005. The thriller was directed by Marc Forster and starrer by Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.

David’s other screenplay works were,

  • The Kite Runner in 2007 (He was collaborated for 2nd time with Director Marc Forster).
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (David devoted his three years to write this script).
  • Brothers in 2009
  • Game of Thrones from 2011 till date.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from 2013 till date.

He worked with D.B. Weiss and wrote screenplay from the renowned novel, A Song of Ice and Fire (by George R.R. Martin).
1n 2006, this duo worked for popular television series Game of Thrones, broadcasted on HBO, as executive producers, show-runners and writers. The show had been aired in 2011, gained positive reviews by audiences. Till date, this show has been awarded several times.

In 2014, 10th April David Benioff had announced his first feature film project Dirty White Boys in collaboration with D.B. Weiss. They wrote, directed and produced the film.  The story was taken from Pulitzer winning author, Stephen Hunter’s novel.


David Benioff has been acclaimed for his literary pieces of works persistently. He is not an expert screen player, director and producer, but also a genius writer. He has set benchmark with his exceptional literary pieces. Let put a glance on his popular writing legacies,

  • The 25th Hour (paperback, published on 29th January, 2002).
  • When the Nines Roll Over including other Stories (paperback, published on 19th August, 2004).
  • City of Thieves (paperback, published on15th May, 2008)


It is not an easy task to describe David Benioff’s achievement in single sentence. He is definitely a man of talent. He was acclaimed time and again as a writer, producer as well as director. His most acclaimed work is the screenplay for HBO Series Game of Thrones. He had directed the 3rd Session, episode 3 of Game of Thrones. He bagged awards like Hugo, SFX, Monte-Carlo TV Festival (all 3 awards in 2012) for the series Game of Thrones.

Personal Lifedavid-benioff-with-amanda-peet

David Benioff lives in Manhattan city and Beverly Hills with his loving family. He got married with Amanda Peet in 2006, 30th September.amanda-peet-shepherds-her-three-children
They have three children, Farnces “Frankie” Pen Friedman, Molly June Friedman and Henry Peet Friedman. Though, David uses Benioff as his last name in profession to avoid confusion with other writer.

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