Movies and TV shows make us laugh but have you ever tried reading a comic novel? Trust us, you wouldn’t rolling on the floor laughing your guts out! So hilarious are these books that the comic timing and scene is all left up to your imagination and your brain knows what’s best for you. Check out some of the best comedy books ever published:

The Diary of a Nobody” by George Grossmith and Weeden Grossmith

The Diary of a Nobody

Written by the brother duo with illustrations by Weeden, it initially appeared in serialized format in the ‘Punch’ magazine in 1888-89 years and later was converted into a full-fledged novel. It chronicles the life of Charles Pooter, a London clerk and his family and the hilarious situations that they are put through.

Three Men in a Boat” by Jerome K Jerome

Three Men in a Boat

Three friends set sail on the river Thames on a boat as a holiday and comedy ensues. Considered one of the English literature classics, this is a must read. Oh yeah, and there is also a dog. The original title of the book was Three Men in a Boat (To say nothing of the Dog)!

The Code of the Woosters” by PG Wodehouse


Who doesn’t know Wodehouse and his character Jeeves the butler? While there is a huge omnibus of Jeeves adventures, one work stands out to be one of the best comic novels of our time and the finest works of Wodehouse. A beautifully structured farce, it’s a comical journey till the end of the book.

The Bottle Factory Outing” by Beryl Bainbridge

The Bottle Factory Outgoing

Written in 1974, it is the story of two ladies who work at a wine bottling unit and dream of romantic outings pitched against the reality of life. Considered by many of its readers as very dark in its setting, it still makes it the top list. Check it out for some offbeat laughs.

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy “Gentleman by Laurence Sterne

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy

Written in 9 volumes, this is the oldest on our list and was developed from 1759-1767. As the title suggests, it is a personal account of the titular character, Mr. Tristram Shandy. One of the most humorous novels that has been passed on to us over the centuries, it is a must read for comic novel enthusiasts.