Founding date: September 10, 1879

Company name: Chevron

Industry: Oil and Gas

Country: United States

Company website:

1920s Standard Service Station

Chevron is an energy corporation multinational company in America which is ruling the petroleum industry since the year 1879. Chevron has been ranked as one of the largest oil refining companies in the whole world in the year 2014 among all the other companies. One of the predecessors of the company is Star Oil which was in the Los Angeles. It provides 25 barrels of oil each day and is now one of the renowned oil companies in California.

Chevron Headquarters

This company provides employment to a number of employment opportunities to many people which helps in increasing the country’s economic facilities. This company has its branches in different parts of the world and is ranked among all the other companies in the industry of oil and gas.

Operations of Chevron group

Chevron's Angola Oil Operations Criticized

Chevron group provides global resources in the development of the energy resources. To meet the several needs of the people throughout the world, the company has introduced many business operations. The company has introduced several technological facilities and opportunities in the major project distribution. The companies has aimed towards providing millions of barrels and are also successful in initiating this. Also, a range of latest technologies has been established which has helped them to achieve the fame and glory they are enjoying now. Chevron is ruling in six continents in the position of the natural gas and achieves about 25 percent of the world’s total energy. It is known as one of the world’s most supplied crude oil fields among the world.

Important acquisitions

chevron largest oil refining companies in the whole world

Chevron has introduced various deals and acquisitions with the merchants and explorers throughout the world. They have established themselves as one of the strongest company in the oil and gas marketing industry. The usage of scientific researches along with the latest inventions has supported many latest explorations and discoveries. Chevron has developed it’s business relationship with some of the biggest mergers. Along with these major companies, it has developed many new features of the company. Also, their rate of income has increased by a greater percentage over the last few years due these increasing business relationships and merging facilities.

Social Causes

Chevron Donates Funds to Elementary Robotics Program

Chevron also takes care of the world’s environmental factors and imparts all of its responsibilities to the eco system. Though it provides a large amount of oil which is counted in billions, it also takes care of the world’s environmental systems and tries to keep it clean and safe. As mentioned earlier, Chevron uses the latest technologies and features in its production and manufacturing sectors so it has also developed such processing units where oil and gas can be easily manufactured without even affecting the environment. It has introduced the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) and Environmental Stewardship (ES) to arrest the risks of the environment and to aim for further improvement facilities. The releasing of industrial extracts has been controlled which has saved the environment from some hazards. The pollution which was caused by the different fuel companies has been arrested to save the environment from the pollution. Also, the waste management system has been specially designed to save the environment from getting disturbed.

Awards and Recognitions

Chevron wins award for 'Skills Development' at the CIHT awards 2016

Chevron has been ruling the petroleum industry for quite a long time and is considered as the company with the most experience. It has recently achieved the Catalyst award for its innovative qualities and developmental features over the past years.

Success at Highways England Supplier Recognition Awards

Due to its wide range of popularity, it has been named as the global leader in the whole petroleum industry throughout the world.