Presence within Poem - Poetry of the Day


Your absence robbed my bank

Presence of you dwells always in my Sanctuary

We got united in the sea of confusion

Stain from you frighten away my ugliness

Darkness without you evaded

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Gratitude - Poem of the Day


My words are not enough

My time is not enough

My prayers are not enough

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African Ladies - Poetry of the Day


African ladies , African ladies

Stop living a life of lie and deceit.

African ladies African ladies

You wear a face of lie

Your skin glitters but it is all lies

Your smile in lies

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The New Dancers - Poem of the Day


She pretends to enjoy the tune

But dances to the old dark melody

Her present step becomes a deceit to all

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Felicity - Poetry of the day


Sweet like the flower cool like the air

A fragile heart easy to enter

But difficult to understand

Attention is its greatest priority

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A Piece of Peace - Poetry of the Day

No one has ever written yet A piece of peace, in my...

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What Happens in the Brain When We Laugh?

Did you hear the one about the young engineer fresh out of...

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Fake Being - Fail to Accept who They are Poetry

FAKE BEING poetry of the day
Fail to accept who they are 
Seek after who they cannot be
Their strength becomes their words
And weakness becomes their thoughts

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Living a Life by the Beach Happily Each Day

Close your eyes for a moment. Think about the sea. Is it deep blue or turquoise green? The sun is all over your skin, gently hugging the curves of your body.

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Let Go - Poetry of The Day


Let go the past

        To enjoy the future

        Let go of yesterday

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World Apart - Love of Life Poetry

World Apart - Love of Life He was A and she was his Z

She was his alpha and he was her omega

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Children's Special - Quotes, Messages, Greetings Cards & Wishes

Children's day, 14th November is the day when we celebrate the children's day/Baal divas on the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru.

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Fracas for Tomorrow {23/9/19}


Fighting to forget yesterday

Struggling to survive for tomorrow

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Waxed(169) - Inspiring Poetry on Life


Our lives are like candle

every day we draw closer to the end

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Thanksgiving Day Quotes - Right Here

Thanksgiving day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Cards, Greetings to your Friends & Family

Do you really know that a word which you pronounce in your daily life and a word which you

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