Known for its luxury line of cars and motorcycles and high performance engines, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is popularly known as BMW Company. It is a German automotive company that has

Founding Date: 7th March, 1916

Company Name: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG

Industry: Automotive

Country: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Company Website:

its headquarters in Munich, Bavaria. Its line of automobiles is extremely loved by people across the world and proves to be strong competitors to automobiles manufactured by Audi and Mercedes Benz. In fact it is one of the trio that forms the German Big 3 with Mercedes and Audi being the other two.

History of BMW

The BMW Company was founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp, Camillo Castiglioni and Karl Rapp and was named Rapp Motorenwerke.



It was established with the idea of manufacturing aircraft engines for the fighter planes participating in World War I. Its first ever aircraft engine was called BMW Illa and appreciated for its performance.

The company was later roped in the manufacture jet airplanes during World War II. In late 1930s, the company was given permission to continue with their production of airplanes. However, when came across a crisis in 1959, they decided to liquidate the company and launch into automobile manufacture full scale.

Journey to Become Automotive Manufacture Giants

BMW Company is the parent company to the firm that manufactures the royal line of Rolls Royce cars.


Its motorcycles are marketed under the name of BMW Motorrad.


In 1966, when the company decided to focus of manufacturing automobiles, it acquired Hans Glas and went on to launch its first ever car which was named Dixi. The design of this car was inspired from an earlier model, Austin 7. In the year 1992, they went on to acquire a Californian design studio and commenced the manufacturing of their automobiles in USA.


Later, it also British Rover group and launched Land Rover and other designs. However, when the company seemed to be a loss, they sold it to Phoenix Consortium.

The quality and performance of the automobiles manufactured by BMW Company is such that it has been voted to be one of the most successful automobile manufacturing units in the world. In 2012, it was estimated that the company had produced 117,109 motorcycles and 1,845,816 cars.

Victorious Racing History

Apart from offering high performance motorbikes and luxury cars, BMW is also known for the impressive success it has enjoyed in the Formula One arena. It is believed that about 20 BMW models have participated in various events and succeeded, the most stellar success being of BMW Sauber F1 in the Canadian Grand Prix.


The BMW Company


BMW has four different manufacturing units based on the type of product being produced. These are BMW Motorrad, BMW Motorsport, BMW Mini and BMW. In 2012, the company’s revenue was estimated to be at €76.84 billion. It is considered to be one of the Top 20 Technical Companies in the world and one of the Top Automobile Manufacturers. It has close to 105,876 employees working in different manufacturing and marketing units across the globe.