Bechtel is based in the United States of America and is considered to be one of the largest firms that indulge in civil engineering and construction. In fact, according to a

recent survey, it is the 9th largest private company in the USA. The company has its headquarters in South of Market which is located in San Francisco.

However, Bechtel is not just confined to America. It has expanded its horizon to a global level and its operations are spread across a number of countries around the world. The major cities in which the firm operates include New Delhi, San Francisco, Taipei, Brisbane, Washington D.C, Calgary, Maryland, Dubai, London, Houston, Virginia, Santiago, Reston and Shanghai.

The Early Yearswarren-a-bechtel

The history of Bechtel dates back to the nineteenth century. Warren A. Bechtel who was a cattle farmer in Peabody in Kansas decided to move to Oklahoma territory to start building railroads in the area. He was accompanied by his family and a group of mules. Over the years he moved to various other places to work on construction sites.

Finally in the year 1904, Western Pacific Railroad appointed him as the superintendent. In 1906 he landed a subcontract to build a part of the Oroville to Oakland railroad section. It was during this time that he founded W.A.Bechtel & Co. His impressive work got him more such contracts for the next fourteen years.

In the year 1919, Bechtel moved to other construction ideas and his first project was building of the Klamath River Highway in California. The company went on to build roads, highways, hydroelectric projects and bridges in the western part of USA. It was in 1925 that the company was incorporated.W.A. Bechtel and sons Steve, Ken, and Warren Jr.

Later, as Warren Bechtel’s son stepped in, he encouraged his father to join hands with California Standard Oil Company. This association is what got Bechtel some really worthy projects which led to the building of pipelines and refineries.

In the year 1931, the company took over a prestigious project. This was the construction of the Hoover dam. However, Warren’s untimely death meant that the project was completed by his son Stephen.hoover-dam-construction-bechtel

Important Bechtel Masterpiecesbechtel-hankong-airport

Bechtel has been instrumental in the completion of some renowned projects like Resin Kalima’s Highway in Albania, Hong Kong International Airport, Metro Rail in Washington D.C., Chemical Weapon Disposal Facility in Alabama, Tengiz Field in Kazakhstan, Became Hydroelectric Dam etc.

Bechtel Corporation

After its incorporation, Bechtel Corporation expanded its horizons and has grown in its size and reach over the years. Today the company operates on a global level and is involved in various civil engineering projects across the world.

Bechtel Jacobs

Bechtel joined hands with Jacobs Engineering Group to form Bechtel Jacobs. This is a limited liability firm and was the main contractor hired by the US Department of Energy to oversee various activities like environmental remediation and waste management that was held in Tennessee.

Bechtel Projects

Ever since its conception the company has been busy in various projects. Some of the key projects that Bechtel is involved in are Albanian Motorway, Athens Metro, Bay Area Rapid Mart, Chornobyl Shelter and Confinement, Caval Ridge Mine Project etc.

Bechtel Stock Price

Though the market has been on a steady decline for quite some time, this has in no way affected the stock price of the firm. In fact, thanks to the projects that the company has been involved in, the stock prices have shown a steady rise. However these stocks are not available for the general public to buy.

Bechtel Hanfordthe-hanford-vit-plant-construction-site-by-bechtel

One of the most crucial projects that Bechtel is working presently on is the Hanford waste treatment plant. Based in Washington, this project aims at storing and treating the semisolid and liquid chemical and nuclear waste that was the legacy of World War II.

Bechtel Corporation with its global operations and state of the art technology is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to a large number of takers it has got.

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