Founding Date: April 1, 1976

Company Name: Apple

Industry: Information Technology

Country: California, United States of America

Company Website:

Apple Inc company

The world’s largest information technology company by revenue, Apple Inc. does not need a separate introduction. Found in the hands of seven out of 10 electronic consumer, this mega company produce software and electronic products for consumers and online services as well. Upon using Apple as the keyword of Google Search, page links related to Applewill be the top results. Such results include the official and subsidiary websites of the company, a Wikipedia page, list of stores on sites like, the company profiles of Apple’s top executives a YouTube channel, and Google Images engine for Apple’s logos.

The Conception of Apple

Apple company operations

First founded in 1976, Apple was the brainchild of two college dropouts, namely Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak.

apple ceo steve jobs

This duo met through a mutual friend and both of them were highly interested in electronics and communication. In fact, it was Wozniak who, for the first time, started creating boxes which allowed free calls at no cost over a long distance. The product sold out. Under such circumstances, Wozniak invited Jobs to join and make a computer. This is where they struck a deal and the idea of Apple Inc. came around. In fact, it’s evolution from simple Macintosh computers to the wireless headphones of iPhone 7 today, is considered to be the greatest progress in electrical devices. Holding an iPhone under one’s ownership is considered to be a status symbol in present society. Truly, the logo, which is inspired from Newton’s sitting under the tree logo theory, speaks of the greatest invention in mankind’s history. Apple has reached new success levels, ones that many dream of matching up to. It is considered to be the finest of gadget producer in the technology industry.

Operations of Apple

Operations of Apple

Apple products range over a variety, including laptops, phones, tablets, TV, watches, vehicles and energy sources. It is considered to be one of the most high profile technology operations across the globe. However, this efficiency does not come without extreme hard work and dedication. The Apple Inc. consists of 10 steps in the operations management system. These ten steps include product design, quality management, process and capacity design, and location strategy, as well as inventory management and other areas. Apple’s executive officers know their work the best and hence coordinate the steps through product design and quality control, production and finally sales and marketing.
For example, the product design of Mac Computers is divided into Software and Hardware Engineering and is controlled by separate heads, who in turn, report to the VP for operations. For quality control the VP Operations coordinates with eight other heads to ensure that each product is first class and breaks every boundaries of Excellency. For the process of designing products, Apple suppliers are given directives for process design, as well as the Apple Supplier Code of Conduct to optimize their human resource management. Apple has strategically chosen urban areas to sell their high priced products, at present having 450 stores over 16 countries only, despite being the most profitable company in the US.

The Year Apple Enters a New Golden Age

Important Acquisitions

Apple has a number of important acquisitions ranging over 83 in number which has enabled it to shoot to the top. Some of the important ones include TupleJump for CoreOS and Siri, FlyBy Media for the handset products, Emotient, Faceshift and Perceeptio.

Social Causes

Interns Help School of Social Work Win the 2015 APPLE Award from Fayetteville Public Education Foundation.

Apple has been known for devoting a section of their revenues and profits earned into establishing and efficient functioning of causes like Product Red which helps stop transmission of HIV from mother to child, donating funds to American Red Cross during American Sandy and promoting environmental causes through World Wide Fund for nature.

Awards and Recognition

Apple Received An Award For Being The Best Brand

Apple has won a number of awards including Brand of the Year in 2013 and being recognized as the Most Desirable Brand in Fortune Magazine.

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