Founding Date:  5th October, 1983

Company name:  AT&T

Industry:  Telecommunications conglomerate

Country: Dallas, Texas, United States

Company website:

Charles Brown (L), chairman of the board of American Telephone & Telegraph,

American Telephone and Telegraph communication is the famous provider of second largest mobile or telephone solution and the provider of the largest telephone repair assistance in the United States. It is also known for providing subscription for television facility which is very well proclaimed.

AT&THQDallas Whitacre Tower, AT&T's corporate headquarters

It has its headquarters in Whitacre Tower, Texas.  Upon searching AT&T in Google, the official and supporting pages along with the official Wikipedia page is revealed which dedicates a very huge chuck of information in the name. The logo and the company profile remains one of the top searched for its increased revenue throughout.

Awards and Recognition

AT&T provides a fulltime service for wireless connection for telephone and internet connection and thus has the highest position and ranking. The company received this award for the sixth time in a stretch. They have also recently secured the highest and the top score in three among five sub fields. As updated in 2016 it has secured the highest background overall score in website, promotional facilities and also representative profile of the employees of the company. The company has also eminently secured a very high score when compared with the other industrial sector. The difference in point goes higher than 18 points which gives a steep push and brings about 6 point lead. The company has also secured a name for itself in many brand image advertising and popular sales and marketing magazines, such as Fortune magazine. American Telephone and Telegraph also received the title of Best Global Operator in the world based on the investment and acquisition of market and other such faculties. It has also gained a popular name as one of the most trusted telecom service providers in the U.S. The company has made its presence felt worldwide, without any misdemeanour. New research of the US body state of having one of the most popular and used in service company industry ever produced by the same state.

Facilities Provided

History of AT&T

metallic circuit connections

The company which has its current headquarters as we know now at Dallas took this decision on 27th of June in the year 2008. The company announced its company shift from San Antonio to Dallas citing the reason of gain a lot easier and clear access to its customer satisfaction while dealing with critical operations at the same time. They also had the premonition of making it a worldwide business which it has now very easily achieved and accomplished. The company offers its telecommunications services vastly in the Pacific Asia. Hong Kong has it’s headquarter for the region. It is quite present and running in Mexico and a lot many profiles as very clear from the corporate structure. The company acquired the use of wireless service from NII Holdings. The company makes it a point to provide its employee with sufficient recreation time in order to make them more efficient in the long run.

Security information news

A very popular news of a hacking company named Goatse Security proclaimed as they came out in the clear that AT&T had a bug that allows almost anyone to pick out mail handles of much treasured customers and thus regards a deep sated problem for the same. This theory created an upstart that became a viral accusation, adding to the already big list of criticism that AT&T already persists of. The media when made aware of this played on it to publish a bigger story with the name of an already big company.  The company was obviously and ultimately forced to pay a heavy fine for such a misdemeanour causing its reputation to go down a long way. But it did make a huge comeback from the depth it was in due to brilliant management.

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