Who wouldn’t want Success in life? It is the most sought after thing in the human history.

We would always be curious to know how others have succeeded in life and the dynamics that laid their way to success. Success has many definitions and perspectives and it also demands several qualities from an individual. Success also differs from one individual to another as their thought process and goals are different. Accomplishing those goals, the courage that is required to bridge the gap between goals and accomplishments is nothing but Success.

The wisest way to learn is by reflection, the easiest way is by imitation and the hardest way is by experience. So we have collected some stories of those prominent personalities which have made their mark in the history by achieving what they really wanted, by their diligence, commitment, integrity, and reflection by choosing the right path.

We would want to help you by telling those stories by which you can stimulate yourself to accentuate the quality of life and accomplish your goals.