A Piece of Peace

No one has ever written yet

A piece of peace, in my heart I kept.

No one has ever really met.

A peace who sees the world in depth.

A piece of peace is in my heart

That will radiate through this simple art.

Listen to me now, and let us change

‘Coz we only have this one last chance.

There is peace in places, but not in all.

The Earth returned us with her call.

Greatest mankind will face the fall,

If we still not listening to her call.

War of the worlds and its ravages,

Have taken lives of different ages.

If only we can think in a larger dosage

Maybe we can lessen the abominable damage.

There is peace in the hearts, but not in all.

Change may come, but we need to take the toll.

Take your footprints to the pathway we all lead.

Listen to the tears we must have all heed.

Let us not allow the next generation to suffer,

For them not to experience the world a little bit tougher.

So gather up your words and loudly speak,

Arise steadily with the peace we all seek.

Whatever the world it may happen,

It all happened for a reason.

Hold on still to the peace you are keeping,

It will always give you a lesson.

Let your peace, too, be heard.

In this world of we are all feared.

Listen to God, spread His word.

To cleanse the stains of this world.

– BrokenMontague