“Challenges are what makes life interesting;overcoming theme is what make life meaningful’’- Joshua J.Marine

Life is like a wave, where everything that happen are unstable and unpredictable. Most times, we are happy because we are driven towards the positive side of life, where everything goes smoothly the way we have wanted. But sometimes we have to face the scary part of life–the difficult situation we must overcome to proceed to the next level in the journey of life.

Having the courage to go through hard times is not easy, depending on your situation. Sometimes, it will be like the world has turned it back to you: Hence different questions start arises in your mind. Questions like, why is this happening to me, why do i have to be in this situation, why am i trying all this while and luck doesn’t seem to be on my side. Then the next thing that will come out of your mouth is “am  fed up, what type of life is this”.

The negative though will take charge of your mind and cover the bright side in you. Meanwhile that difficult situations is not going to stay forever. Challenges come to build us to be more stronger than who we are yesterday. Most people forget that challenges serves as a stepping stone to promotion, and since if there is no examination there will be no promotion.

All you have to do is to face the challenges and overcome, that is why this article will explain how you can cope and take charge of your situation to rise while passing through hard times in life.

“The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.”– Epicetus

1. You Must Persevere

You Must Perceiver

Pull Yourself Together

Perseverance is the power to stand firm while going through hard times. It is the spirit that allow you to see the victory even when the problem seems unbearable. It keeps you going and allow you not to give up.

Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before creating the light bulb. The secret behind his victory is the power of perseverance and the strong belief that he will try until he achieved his goal. You must know that your problems won’t be forever, it is just for a while. If you perceiver it will be easy for you to move on when going through hard times.

2. Challenge The Mountain

Challenge The Mountain

Power of Shifting

Do not see the challenges as a mountain that is too high for you to overcome. Know very well in your mind that it is just for a very short period of time, it will soon pass away like a stormy wind.

Bethany Hamilton had her arm bitten off by a shark at age 13, but she challenge the mountain of her life by using her surfboard with one arm after one month of her incident. She won first place in the explorer women’s division of the NSSA national championships after two years.

All you  need to do is to face the problem and you will overcome.

3. Look Back At The Good Times

Look Back At The Good Times

Things You Must Do

Looking at the good times will encourage you to keep on moving when the challenges seem overwhelming. It will give you the good memories of life and increase your hope that all will soon get better. It will also help you to see victory and ignore the present bad situation.

“You have to make an effort to always look at the good side, Always think about the good things. Then you have got nothing to afraid of. If something bad comes up you do more thinking at that point’’-Haruki Murakami.

4. Change Your Thinking

Change Your Thinking

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”- Norman Vincent peale.

The way you think will determine if you will overcome your challenges or not. If you can think about overcoming your problems you will surely overcome.

All you need to do is to erase any negative though and be in charge of your situation, as you change your thinking you will be surprise how things will start to turn around and draw the positive side of life to you. While negative though demotivate you and keep you busy doing nothing about the situation than just worrying, which is just wasting your time.

5. Conquer your Fear And You Will Overcome Your Challenges

Conquer your Fear And You Will Overcome Your Challenges

One of the things you need to face is to conquer the fear in you. Take up the challenge, remember that some people has been in the same situation you are into today and have overcome. stop looking down on yourself: instead, sit yourself down and analyze how you will overcome the difficult situation you are into. No matter how bad a situation may be being optimistic will help you to overcome.

“By facing our fears and overcoming them will make us strong and

capable enough to face any challenges in life’’- Anurag Prakash Ray

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Ogundele Tobi is a young entrepreneur and a content creator. He writes about lifestyle, entrepreneurship and self improvement. He also writes content for clients in the technology niche.

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