I get it, we’ve all failed before – we’ve all failed several times! Remember that time you took a chance and fell on your face (that was fun)? Or that time

you had a great opportunity to follow your dreams but didn’t because you were scared you’d fail again? Well, it turns out that failure is a beautiful thing as long as you respond correctly… Here are 3 common fears that could be holding you back!

Fear of Failure


You’ve tried to start a business before but failed. No matter how many hours you put in it still failed… Talk about your confidence downer… you start to say to yourself, “Why even try again?” That is exactly what fear of failure is all about: the fear that you can’t reach your goals, the fear of letting people down, and the fear of failing. Here’s a little secret though: failure is what makes a person. Every single successful, self-made person you will ever meet has failed, multiple times. For instance, remember the whole Thomas Edison and the light bulb thing? You hear that ad nauseam… but it’s true! The only difference is that successful people ALWAYS get back up; always.

When it comes to your goals, learn from your mistakes and try again. Every failure will teach you something about yourself: what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, or what you would like to experiment with. Combine all of that into your next attempt and always be tweaking and improving. When you finally achieve success it well will be worth the time and effort!

Fear of Success


This may sound like a strange concept but trust me it creeps into almost everyone’s mind. It’s the fear of actually achieving the success you want but not being able to handle it; aka blowing it. It’s the fear of getting what you want but being worried that people will talk behind your back and resent you. It’s the fear of getting what you want but still not being satisfied. For example, many people fear that if they do achieve their goals, their peers will resent them, gossip about them, or think they are a fraud.

Listen closely: anyone that TRIES to bring you down does it for one reason. They want you down on their level. Successful people do not bring people down. In fact, they bring as many people up with them as they can. Don’t take heed to the smack talk; it’s small talk from smaller people. Go achieve what you want and deserve!

Fear of Obstacles


Another common way in which we let failure and fear creep in is when the going gets tough we instantly think defeat and are defeated instead of looking for solutions. Instead of seeing nothing but darkness, realize there are ways to overcome any situation. Any situation that you could possibly be in has already happened to someone in some other place at some other time. You probably are never the only one to go through a situation so realize someone else has been there, done that, and came out stronger!



This is what truly separates the greats from the has-beens or never-will-bes, they don’t let defeat/fear take over their minds. They have a plan and if they fail they pick themselves up and continue towards their ultimate goal. You can make a conscious effort to think positive, successful thoughts and you will achieve your goals!

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