Procrastination is one of the most common diseases students suffer from these days. It is easy to track the symptoms of this sickness, yet  it is still hard to treat it.

Students get into this trap and cannot get out of it for a long time after that. We know how that feels, we have all been there.

You know that the deadline is coming, you feel responsible for so many things, and you even try to open up the books and start working. But then suddenly you notice a favorite book on the shelf, feel like getting a short nap, or checking out your friend’s updates on the social media.

Procrastinating Students

How can things get done when you constantly lose track of what you were doing and switch focus back and forth?

Yet, if you are anything like us, and you value your time, you realize that something must be done about it immediately. And if so, then our ten tips are for you: we will show you how to have things done without being constantly interrupted. Read on – and enjoy the boost of productivity our tips can bring.

10 Tips on how Students can stop Procrastinating

  1. Have a Clear Schedule.

Productivity starts with clear schedules and precise timetables that show when exactly you must work and when you might take a break.
There are only two things we would like to mention in this point: be realistic and merciful, but still tough with yourself. You should not set unrealistic deadlines, as you will not meet them and lose the motivation to keep trying to meet them. However, you should not leave too much time for rest, as you will end up having nothing done (even if that’s what you said in your calendar).

  1. Plan your Breaks.

You should do useful things during the break. For instance, you can chat with a friend that texted you while you were working on some task for the college. Alternatively, you can take a nap, make some tea, or even do some physical exercise.
No matter what you choose to do during your breaks, it must be some useful activity, and not a waste of time. Bear that in mind.
And also, remember that you only have a limited number of breaks throughout the day. So, if you want to make the most out of them, you should use them wisely.

  1. Work Outside.

    work outside

Maybe the reason you procrastinate that much is in the fact that you study at home. Too many things around you want to touch, read, play with, etc. So, if you go to study at a library, or a café next to your house, you might eliminate all the possible distractions.

Thus, you will make it easier to study.
So, where will you go to study the next time?

  1. Set Deadlines for Each Task.

It is important to have set deadlines for each assignment. These deadlines will help you stay organized, as it is a reminder that you cannot stay forever on one task, and you need to move.
Some people say that deadline is the best motivation. So, it might work for you. Use a loud ringtone to announce when the time is up every time the deadline approaches.

  1. Get a Reward.

    get rewards

Every time you finish a task on time, you should get a reward. For example, if you managed to complete an assignment within the set time, you can get half an hour of screen time, an ice cream or a ticket to the concert of your favorite band. It depends on how big the assignment was and how well you did.
But remember that every time you fail to do something timely and properly, you cannot get the thing you wanted so badly. This unpleasant experience of not getting something you wanted will help you stay focused the next time. Be strict and fair with yourself: it’s for your own best!

  1. Have a Device-Free Desk.

An average teenager spends around 27 hours on the Internet weekly. That is more than just one day, and that cannot but scare us. Therefore, we can assume that most of the time when a student loses focus, the reason for it is in the smartphone he is using to check the Internet, be it the social media or some messengers.
To prevent this waste of time, one should make sure that his phone and other gadgets are not within their reach. Put them somewhere in the far corner of the room and do not check every five minutes. This will save you so much time! You will thank us later!

  1. Get a Planner.


It is a great idea to have a planner to write all of your plans in. it will give you a chance to sort your plans out, set priorities, and create a cleat plan for the day.
Besides, it will give you a chance to cross things out of your list every time you finish it – and that truly is a wonderful feeling! Believe us – you won’t regret it!

  1. Do the Physical Exercises every Morning.

One of the greatest things physical exercises can do for you is energy. It sounds almost controversial but whenever you exercise, you gain energy.
If you don’t believe us, then check it out yourself: you will feel how your brain starts producing new brilliant ideas right away!

  1. Be Accountable to Someone.

You should always be accountable to someone. Ask your parents, friends, or tutors ask you how you are doing with some task and be open to share your results with them.
Do not think that it is a childish trick: it truly does work!

  1. Get Inspired.


Finally, you should seek inspiration in everything you do. Be it a book you read about productivity or a person that has achieved fantastic results in some area, you should have something to ignite you to outdo yourself in some task! At all times!

Procrastination will do no good to your life. So, instead of staying a slave to it, opt for things that can turn you into a productive student and a successful personality in the end of the day. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:

Richard Nolan is a writer and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of  writing, blogging, entrepreneurship and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers and students. Currently, Richard works as a general blog editor for ProWritersCenter. Follow him on  Twitter

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